About The Algiers

At The Algiers we celebrate food, fun and delicious flavours from near and far. We take West Cork’s finest local fare and weave it into the fabric of our culinary offering.

Our gastro bar touts influences from its 130 years, the barbarism of Pirate Murat Reis and his murky history here. Now, Californian and Mexican cuisine are causing a stir. Best described as a mosaic of cultural influences and flavours, the Algiers will take you way out of Baltimore.

Hailing from the cultural melting pot of California, we found the local bounty of fresh produce of West Cork to be the perfect canvas to translate this.

Take hold of the kaleidoscope and experience our bespoke menu of cocktails, boasting an expansive tequila selection for the conquistador in you!

The Algiers, Making history in the heart of Baltimore for over 130 years.

Purveyors of Taste Ann & Bill

Throughout the thirty-plus years we have been married, we travelled the globe, veritable food explorers immersing ourselves in the culinary cultures of the places we found ourselves, discovering and collecting ingredients and techniques to be combined and reimagined and shared.

It is our love of travel that inspires the food we make. It reflects not only our California roots but also places as diverse as Mexico and Thailand, as well as here in Ireland. For us, food and cooking are not just about taste and flavour. It is about using innovation and our creativity to generate shared experiences at the table. It is about bringing together family and friends to
relish the bounty of West Cork meats, cheeses, seafood and produce.

Why Baltimore?

In West Cork, we found a thriving culinary spirit reminiscent of the California of Alice Waters’ time. Here we see entrepreneurial farmers and fishermen deliver an amazing bounty of fresh local meats, cheeses, dairy, and vegetables daily. Call in to experience how we use this local bounty of fresh produce from West Cork as the perfect canvas to translate the melting pot of cultural influence we know and love.


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